Monday, October 27, 2014


It doesn't go as planned. I rushed yesterday to clear out my phone and videos because Matt and I were headed away. We both love our lives and kids, but oh my! He turns 40 in a few weeks and about a year ago I started planning. He's not the big party type and I knew how much he loved our Mexico getaway. It's almost a no brainier-it's cheaper than a Florida vacation, a direct 2 hr flight, and we are taken care of from the moment we get there. We aren't taking care of anyone else-but taken care of. They cook, they clean, they do dishes, and also bring drinks in paradise. So, I did it. I booked it and worked extra shifts and extra call scheduled to pay for it without him knowing. I decided to tell him about it last July because the anticipation is wonderful and I wanted to share it with him! 
All was well and we've had our countdown from weeks to days. We've texted pics of forecasts and smiles to get away. We were so looking forward to a break. A break from the life we love, but a break to just not worry for a few days. 

We were busy getting ready with all last weekends' activities. I had carpools set and pages of agendas printed for Grandma Sally to conquer. 

We left town around 5 to get to STL and have dinner and sleep in the hotel. They had a shuttle ready to pick us up at 3:45AM. We would be in Mexico on the beach by mid morning. Not 5 mins out of town , I got a text from Mason: I puked in IHOP parking lot. Seriously?! I thought he was joking!?!!! I attributed it to the 3 donuts he consumed before noon followed by lunch at McD's. (I was getting everything ready--of course u can have another donut!) Turns out, he didn't stop puking. It wasn't the food, he had a bug. 

Matt and I arrived in STL and had a great dinner! We watched the World Series game and chatted about what was to come. Little did we know our plans would shift a few hours later. I was woken up before midnight by violent puking from Matt and it didn't stop. Little did I know that Mason was doing the same thing at home! Luckily I had our travels documents ready and I had insurance. A quick phone call at 3:30AM when we should have been leaving, was a quick call to cancel our "birthday break". All is well (not really, 2/6 still yucky) but it could have been worse. My work was nice enough to give my hours back to me so I'm back to work crazy early tomorrow.,I don't have enough vacation time built up to take off when I don't have to and Matt is home all week to help with sickness. 

Am I sad? Of course! Darn it! I've worked extra days to pay for this and missed my kids! We both were so excited. It just wasn't meant to be. Life is so busy that I don't feel like I see the kids enough so this was God's way of saying stay home. The kids need us right now. Mitch cried when we left and the girls didn't understand. How on Earth do I thank my Mom for staying up all night last night with a sick Mason who is never sick?! Thankfully she is home tonight and so am I. I'm not the person to be bitter. Life's too short, but darn it! It was a carefully planned out trip with carpools for the kids to stay happy, but it wasn't meant to be. Luckily, we have the insurance waiver so we will go somewhere again, just not now. I will continue my quest of making lunches, following schedules, and making sure backpacks are ready. I will continue to text my hubby and not have real conversations. (Thank goodness for texting!) We will go on from this bump. :( it always could have been worse.... We will celebrate Matt's Birthday just not as planned. We will rain check this trip and will enjoy the next one even more! Just prayers for Matt and Mason to get better soon and no one else get the bug. 

**just tucked Mason in and he asked for me to do the washcloth like Gramdma Sally did" :)

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