Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Maya's Class Trip

3 bus loads of kindergarteners from Chatham Elementary. 
Maya's class
She's in the back row in pink. 
They had straw bales for climbing. 


She found her bff Delaney! 
Straw maze 


Pedal tractors 

In the patch with a great demonstration on how pumpkins grow. 

Ready to eat homemade donuts! 

They smelled delicious! 
In the corn maze. Again, not my favorite! 

A silo with corn to play. The kids loved it. 

Back on the bus. 
Lunch and play at the park. I've decided Maya is super sweet, except when I'm around. I actually left a little teary. She loves me so much and loves cuddles and tickles. She also can be very defiant and mean to me. She respects her teachers' authority, but took spite in doing things I told her not to. Maybe a few hours of "Mom" during school time isn't her thing. I think I will leave school to Miss Schulte for a bit. We had a great time regardless...thank goodness the meanness only came near the end of the trip. :) 

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