Sunday, October 5, 2014

Parent Teacher Conferences (Friday)

I started with Msson's conference. He has one of the toughest and strictest teachers this year.  It's been a year of changes for him. I was a little concerned going in just because I know how rigid she can be...
It ended up great!  Not only is he excelling in school. She went on and on about his character. Kind, respectful, mannerly, all words you want to hear of your kid! She started off with the schoolwork part and then said,"Even more importantly is what a great kid he is". This means A LOT coming from this teacher!! Proud Momma. 

I then went to Maya's . I was probably most concerned about hers. I walked in and her teacher exclaimed, "How's one of my favorite families?!". Made me smile. She said how much she loves that she had Mitch and now Maya to see how different yet similar they are. She said she has been perfect at school (really?!) She is a teacher that I trust to be honest with me. Maya is excelling and learning so much! She has lots of friends. She listens and follows directions. Whew! Proud Momma! 

I took these that were on display outside her room. 

On to Mitch! I knew his would be a fine conference. His teacher had already told me in an email that he was " a joy" in her her class. So happy he has a teacher that understands his little fun loving personality. She had great things to say about Mitch and just smiled to talk about him. The biggest thing I took from his conference was he qualified for an enrichment math class! He's in the top of the entire fourth grade in the school in math, so he gets pulled out of math to go to a math class that moves a little quicker. They don't use the word advanced to describe it, but it sort of is! I know I had a tear in my eye when she told me! I just always cut Mitch slack in school. The trend is with July/August birthdays to "not start them" when they are 5 and wait another year since they would be the youngest. We opted to send him to kindergarten at 5 and I've kept in the back of my head that he could/should be a grade lower. Guess not!!! He's a smart cookie! Proud Momma! 

Mitch and his kindergarten buddy. 
I arrived home to Mitch reading to Maya. 
Where do you go to celebrate Great conferences??! Flu shots! Actually I was told the day before I couldn't get them in until November. While I had Molly at dance class after conferences, I called and they had a cancellation. Off to shots we went! 
The Dr. Office was a new exciting adventure since we are rarely here, ha! They cruised through shots no problems. I've always treated them as no biggie! I treated them to Sonic afterwards. 

And then to celebrate conferences, their lunch choice....IHOP! 

I think this spells happy Momma! 

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