Monday, October 20, 2014

The Weekend

I was off Friday and started off with a trip with Molly to the ENT.  Her Speech Pathologist had recommended a visit for her enlarged tonsils perhaps contributing to her speech delay.  Although she isn't ever sick, we thought it was a good idea to get her checked out.  Turns out, her ear tubes have fallen out (normal for this age).  We also found out that her adenoids are large.  He suggested taking them out and putting tubes back in her ears.  She had a test to evaluate her ears here.  She acted like she was 10 and not 3!  Final conclusion is to try an allegy medicine daily to see if that takes down the adenoid swelling and reevaluate in 8 weeks.  
 We then headed to Maya and Mitchell's school for fall parties.  Unfortunately, Molly's Dr. visit ran long so we missed the party.  We were able to enjoy recess and lunch with her.  She didn't want us to leave. :(
 We then headed to Mitchell's party, which I was lead parent for.  I had stressed about it lots.  It ended up fantastic.  I literally grabbed a bunch of costumes, hats, and boas for a "photo booth" station.  It was a hit.  I'm going to print out pictures for the kids.

Blurry party pic.
 We had a bingo station, a craft station, and a snack station.  I only had two parent volunteers to start with, but lots ended up showing up.
 We did the mummy decorating contest with TP.  Always a hit!  They had four groups and the best decorated mummy in 10 minutes won.

 I was thankful I wasn't in charge of bringing the TP! Mitch loved it!!
 Sweet girl dog had her first ride in the Pilot.  We;ve been extra careful to keep it nice.  She sheds when scared, but thankfully didn't shed on the way to the bus stop.

Friday night we had a Swim Meet.  The girls were less thrilled to be there so Matt took them on home.  Of the 6 events the boys swam, we had 6 personal best times.  Unbelievable! Love watching them swim. 
 On to Saturday.  A sweet baseball Mom friend took our family pictures.  These are only 3 of about 100 I have.  I hope to put more on here sometime.  She was so great.  We left and the boys exclaimed, "That was amazing!"  Everyone had so much fun.
 This was an idea she had and then Mitch hopped on Mason.  Couldn't have planned a better shot!

 Mason has worked so hard for his Science Fair project.  Every week he has had deadlines and stuck to them.  He did all the prep and actual testing for the test a few weeks back.  This weekend he had to put all his evidence and conclusions together to present.  So proud of him! He sat at the computer for hours and inputted info and graphs.  He then printed everything out, cut, and organized the placement.  Four glue sticks later, everything was positioned as he wanted.  Matt and I were careful to be around for questions or suggestions, but he really didn't need or ask us.  It's one of those projects where in my mind he better get a good grade for all the heart he put into it! :)

 Meanwhile, while brother was working his project, our little author was busy typing out stories.  He has turned into an amazing writer!
 This story was about Hot Dog Chef Jeff.  I can't believe how he has real life meanings in the end of the story.  This one was be happy with what you have.

 We took a break from the school work and took everyone to their favorite place, BWW for dinner.

Sunday morning we had plans to leave early and meet Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye for breakfast in Vandalia.  On the way, Maya did this sneeze/ puke kind of thing but we didn't think much of it.  She hadn't eaten and was starving.  We arrived and she had all sorts of food but wouldn't take a bite.  And then it happened.  I ran her to the bathroom.  She never ate anything and we cut the trip short to head home.  Bless her heart was sick the entire ride home, but so graceful about it.  She may get the award for best puker-ha!  She always informed me beforehand and thanks to the new vehicle I was able to ride next to her with a bowl.  She was sick all afternoon and evening between sleeping.
 Poor baby!  I actually called into work Sunday evening to find a replacement and stayed with her today.  She was better every hour.  She did have some belly pains, but thankfully no more puking.  She ended the run of no one sick in our house!  Thankful it was a short bug and hopefully no one else gets it.
 I snapped this this morning.  You can't see well, but the boys are in the exact same position.  They sleep in the same bed lots and prefer it.  Most mornings if not all I find them in exactly the same positions. Cracks me up!
 Mason at the bus stop proud to pose for a picture for me.  So proud of his work!  He added all the extra colors for visual effect. ;)
 And someone was able to enjoy a cookie sent from Grandma Kaye by noon!

She felt good enough this afternoon to work on her school project. She had to pick a book or movie and decorate a pumpkin. Pink Peppa Pig Pumpkin! 

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