Tuesday, November 25, 2014

A celebration for Matt!

Matt's parents came up on the 15th to celebrate his Birthday. 

Little did Matt know, but I had asked them to spend the night and had planned a small suprise party for Matt! 

Mason had a basketball game and then his parents offered to keep the kids so we could go out (but it was planned!)  unfortunately I took very few pictures of the night. We had lots of old friends, work friends, and current friends there to celebrate Matt! I can't believe I kept it a secret! 
Selfie with Tasha! This was one of many takes, ha! 
Matt and Adrian drinking something Adrian ordered for the occasion! 
I had talked to Matt's college friend Joe, who suprised him! He and his wife Elly came down from Chicago. He and Matf hadn't changed a bit. The only regret is it went so fast!!
His it's late and you suprised me picture! 

So thankful to wake up at 9AM to this! Cuddles with Grandma Kaye! Complete with new Frozen blankets and dolls which they love. 

Thank you Papa Gary and Gramdma Kaye for celebrating with us during the day and helping execute the suprise!!!!!

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