Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Maya is thankful

Maya came home with a book she made at school today. I've been in a funk for at least a week now. This hit me and I decided to not work tomorrow. Molly is out of school and Matt has to work tonight and was going to stay up and keep her and the rest of the crew since they are out at 11. He was going to keep them until I got home from work at 5. This hit me hard today and I realized I'm needed at home. We had an all weekend swim meet last weekend and we need to slow down. Thank you Maya and thank you to a PRN at work willing to work tomorrow so I can stay home with my family. :) 

She is: 
Thankful for family (Seeing this in a pic makes me realize there are a bunch of us!) 
Thankful for grass (which she is highly allergic to!) 
Thankful for flowers
She loves to color rainbows! 
I always try to point out pretty skies...Either sunrises, sunsets, or blue skies. Thankful for the sky
The page that got me....

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