Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Why is Mitch so happy? This boy loves his 4th grade teacher, Mrs.Collins. She had a baby about 6 weeks ago and he's had a sub, Mrs. Brown for her maternity leave. From the start, Mitch didn't like Mrs. Brown.  Mitch quote last week:  " Mom, you know how Mrs. Collins would write on my papers excellent or great? Mrs. Brown just writes OK" .  He's counted down the days and today was it! I pulled a mean trick on him this morning to get him out of bed and said she was going to stay in his class. He immediately had huge tears in his eyes! I quickly reassured him today was her last day!! This boy came bouncing off the bus at 11 and jumped up to hug me in celebration of Mrs. Brown's last day.So wrong I know, but so right for Mitchell's happiness! This little guy is still so little. I was reminded of this at Mason's 8:20 basketball game Monday night and Mitch wanted to come. He bought a 25 cent bouncy ball and played in the lobby by himself and laughed and had a blast the entire time.  He has so much littleness about him, I just love him! 
Yes, we did this today! I said I wouldn't, but the crew and I were home and it felt right. We didn't get it all done and lights aren't on yet, but we are getting there. The girls' excitement was crazy. I wish I had a video on a tripod. It was so similar to the boys' a few years back....dancing with garland and the pure excitement of pulling things out of boxes. This was by far the easiest year I've ever had getting Christmas out so far. Mason pulled out totes and the rest listened to me and didn't drag everything all over the house. The girls had pure enjoyment of putting things in their place. We won't finish until this weekend, but I want this to last...I know in a few short years I will be solo pulling it out. I almost wanted to say, "Break something! Make me yell!".  It was an ugly reminder that my kids are getting big. 
Maya, schlaw (blankie), and thumb taking a break in the Christmas tree box. Yes, she asked to wear the hat and wore it all day. 
....and then it snowed! 
I ran Mason to swim and a few errands and suprised the girls when I told them to get their snow gear on before bed. Mitch and Trey went sledding until 9. Love the first real snow! Glad I didn't travel tonight, but ready for family tomorrow! 
Snow Angels! 

This is what I woke up to today. An email from Maya's teacher about what she's thankful for. Not sure is it is readable, but she's thankful for Maya's smile and excitement for reading a new book. LOVE. :) 
Happy Thanksgiving! 

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