Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Molly is 4 tomorrow!

Today is Miss Molly's last day of being 3. She is so ready to be 4! She's talked about her birthday for weeks and counted down. She has had a few special requests: cupcakes for preschool,  a Frozen cake, a party at Chuck E. Cheese (with selected guests-her brothers and sister!) and a Frozen bike. Lucky for this girl, all her wishes are coming true tomorrow. :) 

The many faces of Molly: 

She is the hardest girl to get a true smile out of because when it's true, she's also jumping up and down! She was proclaiming tonight, "I'm the Birthday Girl!" 
Beautiful girl! 
Miss Molly, 
     My sweet Molly, Mol-Mol, Molster, where do I begin? You light up my life. You are innocent, spunky, sweet, and just wonderful. I love most my days off with you when it's just the two of us. The other days seem blurry with all of the other stuff going on, but on my days off you are just mine! 
     Your talking is incredible. How did you hold it all in for all these years? Now you don't stop talking and have so much to say. I love that I can reason with you about errands to run or places to go and I can persuade you to do just about anything with a slush from Sonic. Just to think, a few years ago I would get your siblings a slush and you were content with a water because you didn't know better. :)
     You love preschool and your teacher, Mrs. D. You love Miss Ashley who comes and makes you breakfast twice a week and takes you to preschool. You love dance class and can't wait to go. You love anything Frozen and have watched it a thousand times. You also love Sophia the First and My Little Ponies. You love your sister. 
     You are usually the first one up and sometimes the last to fall asleep. You wake up bouncing in happiness. I'm not sure how you do it! You just are a happy girl. You aren't too picky with foods and currently don't seem to eat too much. You love your orange juice, toast and jelly, applesauce, any fruit, and macaroni and cheese the best. You tend to be a pokey eater and like to eat slowly. It's been such an awakening last year for you as you have learned to talk so much more. You can be very vocal and express when you aren't happy (NO, Maya!) I think that you can communicate so much better has made you so much happier. You love to dance and sing and are happy to do it at any time. You love to still have me "hold you" and enjoy cuddles in the rocking chair. You love to read stories. You love to color, but aren't the best at putting caps back on markers. :) You love your dog and take any opportunity to embrace her. You love to look "pretty" and would change clothes 10 times a day if I'd let you! You don't like pants. It always has to be a dress or skirt. You will exclaim, "Me not like that!" and I never correct your grammar. Your best phrase is, "Me love you". It never fails when everyone else is talking or we are rushing out the door, you will exclaim, "MOM!" Until I answer. You follow by, "Me love you". You make me slow down with life. 
    My Molly girl, I adore you and I need you! Maybe because you are the littlest, but you make me stop and cherish the little things. In the last year when you went to day care, we always had to stop and smell the flowers on the way in. You would blow out (while trying to blow in), but it taught me to stop and take the time to smell them. You are always eager to announce things to me, "MOM! Look at the sun! " I try to slow life down when I'm with you because you notice details and when you do and tell me about it I try to stop. It's really hard, but you remind me of simple joys. You are a simple joy (except for clothes)! You are a little socialite and your friends are eager to see you. You know right from wrong and are eager to do the right thing. You scrunch your face in disgust when you are unhappy. 
   Molly girl , you make me happy. :) Sweet girl, please continue to enjoy the simplicities of life. 

Love, your Momma

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