Saturday, December 20, 2014


We had a pretty busy Sat morning but a great day! It started off with Mason swim practice, Molly biddy ball game, Mitch swim practice, Mason soccer game, Mitch basketball game, and concluded with Mason basketball game tonight. Matt works this weekend so the kids and I had a lazy afternoon in between activities. We had a movie on and the girls played, a perfect start to Christmas break. 
I have to much stuff as we had today it was easy. The kids are getting so much bigger. Three times to The Gym today for basketball and Maya didn't have to go once. Mitch was more than willing to stay home with her while Matt slept (worked last night). Mason kept both girls during Mitchell's game. It would have been a long day for both girls to have to go to all the activities. I can't believe the boys are old enough and mature enough to offer. It's pretty wild for me to watch activities without the girls. Thankful that my boys love their sisters. :) 

Mason yesterday for the last day of school for awhile. 
Molly's last biddy ball game of the season. 

Mason's indoor soccer game. He loves it and he's good!

The girls did go to the soccer game with me because Mitch was swimming. Lucky for Molly, her preschool teacher was there! Love Mrs. DeSalle! 
Mitchell's basketball game. I have video of his free throw he made! 
No photos of Mason's basketball game, I didn't even think about it. Now bring on winter break! 

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