Friday, January 16, 2015

Backed up

It seems like I can balance work, clean house, clean laundry, happy kids, working out and keeping up on the blog...but I can't. I should add in there the grouch index is high. Frankly, on a daily basis something has to give. For the last couple months the workout has been lacking due to knee issues. I just finished the last of 3 injections and before insurance were $4200. Holy cow-that's another story. The kids seem happy. Laundry is about 50% done and work was good this week. My house isn't clean, but tidy. I'd call it a good week. I was only mildly grouchy. :) 

A few tidbits from the last few days. The boys seemed to have loads of homework last night that we tackled until late. Matt wasn't here, but so thankful he's home for awhile now! :) Mitch got his recorder for music class and it seems we may have another musical child! He's mastered Hot Cross Buns in one day. He and Mason had a duet of it tonight with Mason on keyboard. Maya seems to have found her artistic talent and now loves to decorate paper plates. Molly is just Molly. She loves nothing more than playing by herself with no interruption. She loves the movie Finding Nemo more than words can say! Mason had a huge accomplishment tonight at the 3 day swim meet. He finished with an incredible time in the 500 yd swim. That's 20 laps of free style. Pretty amazing! 

The girls yesterday. 

One of Maya's paper plate creations...made for Mitchell's room. 
The girls dressed up last night for a dance party while we tackled homework. 

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