Sunday, January 4, 2015

COLD Sunday

The boys had a big suprise today. We had a swim meet in Champaign. Their swim team rented charter busses for the team to ride in to Champaign. They loved the bus! It had DVD's, soft seats, and even a bathroom according to the boys. They even had pizza on the way home. It was hard for me to drop them off and watch them pull away while I stayed in the parking lot. It was early, too! I was proud that the boys went to bed early last night for their 5:45 AM wake up. 

Matt, the girls and I left a couple hours after the bus for Champaign. The boys swam great!

Uncle Danny met us at the meet and stayed to cheer on the boys. 
Fun to watch! 
We arrived home just in time for Molly to attend her friend, Emma's Birthday Party. 

It is so crazy cold out! We all just lounged around and hibernated after Mason's basketball practice. 

Molly dressed up in Maya's Wonder Woman costume. Maya made her a cape. They may bicker, but they love each other! 
Molly goes back to school tomorrow and the rest of the crew Tuesday. It's been a great break. 

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