Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Day off!

Mitchell and Maya are best friends with two of the Batton kids. They've been begging to have them over after school to play. We've tried for awhile to make it work and today it did! 
Maya and Delaney. The boys had already scampered off to play. 
Eating a snack. I'm a little lax in that I don't mind the sugar snacks. I think my kids run it off. I was shocked for their healthy choices! 
Seriously, the best Dad ever wearing an Elsa braid? 
One of Mason's friends sent this to him that he created. Getting excited for baseball season! They have another hitting clinic tomorrow night with the Benedictine University coaches. So cool! Love our team! 
Love when Maya brings me home cards :) 
Working on plans for our upcoming Chicago wedding to attend. Excited for the kids to see the city for the first time. 
Molly and I had a nice day off. Speech, I ran at the Y, and just home. We watched Finding Nemo and I took a nap. Love quiet days! 

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