Sunday, January 25, 2015

Friday night rehearsal

My flower girlies! Loved their bouquets! 
They were silly! 

Passing the time by coloring and playing. 
The bride, Thea, and Aunt Nancy. 
The crew back at the hotel. 
In the elevator. It was always a fight for who got to push the button first! 
We headed out for dinner by walking. It was cool, but not cold. We let the kids pick and they chose McDonalds. Yes, on Michigan Ave. and we had McDonalds of all places! It actually worked out perfectly as the kids were rowdy after being quiet in the evening. Perhaps the best memory of dinner was Molly. A very teeny gnat was around Molly. She SCREAMED and SCREAMED! She is so scared of bugs! I was thankful we were there and it was empty and not a busy restaurant. 

Mason loved the city. He loved the people, buildings, and fancy cars. I realize how much times have changed. I was relieved to arrive home to small town living again. 

More to come on our Saturday. 

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