Wednesday, January 7, 2015

No school!

School was cancelled today and tomorrow due to frigid temps. Why can't this happen on my days off? I'd love to snuggle and stay in jammies all day with the kids! 
I took Molly to day care at 6AM as a backup today. She hadn't been in months, but had a blast! The boys asked to keep Maya home with them. By 10 AM, they retracted. They have shown her how to play Minecraft on their Xbox out of sweetness, but she isn't so sweet about it. They were home alone (they are very competent) but I received a few videos of Maya not cooperating. 
For tomorrow, I asked my dear friend Brandee to keep Maya. This way the boys can "chill". It's not fair to them to have to delegate when she's not happy. She will have so much fun at Brandee's. I'm very thankful for wonderful friends. I hope one of these days I can return the favor to her!  Molly actually has preschool tomorrow as her school doesn't cancel for cold. 

The kids all had well checks at the pediatrician's office today. This was scheduled a year ago and I couldn't leave work so Matt took the crew. Lucky that our pediatrician will do them all at once. 
Blurry pic, but they were all ready! 

Mitch happy about no school! 

Mason: 84.4 lbs 4 ft 10 1/4 in. 
2 shots (ouch!) but ready for 6th grade 
Mitch: 72 lbs 4 ft 8 in
Maya: 44 lbs 3 ft 8.5 in
Molly: 38.8 lbs 3 ft 4.5 in

All very healthy! :) 
Mason had his last basketball game of the season tonight. 

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