Friday, January 9, 2015

Our Friday

I was off!  Sorry for the non dog lovers, but our Roxie is such a good spoiled dog. She sleeps a lot and is very lazy! She also had her yearly visit this week. She's overweight by 5 lbs. I'm not suprised! She would sleep and cuddle all day. Just this week Roxie had her annual visit, kids well checks, and all kids had dentist appts yesterday. Matt did all these  appointments! No cavities for any kids! Holy cow, how did Matt do it all? I feel like I've handed over my reigns while I work. I don't like not doing the appts while at work, but very thankful for happy kids (and dog) that make it easy to hand over control to Matt. 
Molly is always thrilled for dance class. She was extra happy today that Belle joined her class! The girls came back here and played and played. 

Real smiles from Molly today. She loves Belle! 

We have been on high alert for nephew Lucas. It's nearly his birthday and he's been at Barnes with a carotid artery aneurism. Watchful waiting and praying at this point until surgery in the next few weeks. Love Lucas to pieces. This brings back memories of his other hospital stays. A little bump in his road that he will overcome yet again. Love that kid! 

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