Sunday, January 25, 2015

Saturday Morning Part 2

We left the hotel and took a cab down Michigan Avenue. Mitch (my thrill seeker) was so excited when I offered to take him to the top of the John Hancock building. He didn't ever stop smiling! Mitch, the girls, and I headed up and Matt and Mason explored Water Tower Place.

So excited!
Once we zoomed up 94 floors in 40 seconds, I noticed a window cleaning crew outside. What a job!
Views from 94 floors (1100 feet) up! 
Mitch still smiling!

Looking over Lake Michigan.
Yikes! Looking down!

It was a perfect day for viewing.

I won't forget his excitement.
He would have stayed there for hours.

Looking north.

Selfie with happy Mitch!
This part was where you walked into an area that was screened in (no windows). It was very secure but I preferred the window areas.

Heading down.
Another cab ride. Matt was in the front seat.
Since Mason opted out of the views, he picked out a new Derrick Rose hat. 
Once we were back at our hotel we relaxed and then got ready for the wedding! :)

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