Saturday, January 31, 2015

What a week!

We spent this week getting back to normal after a busy wedding weekend in Chicago. It was an interesting week. Here the girls are upside down watching cartoons on the iPad...a favorite activity.
Mason came home from baseball practice Wednesday night with a sore and swollen thumb. We iced it that night and the next morning. After school on Thursday it was bruised and still swollen so we took him in for x-Rays. Broken thumb!
He fell after swinging the bat. He lost his footing and tripped over home plate.
The cast now is full of names. He's out of everything for four weeks. What are we going to do with all our free time? We had big (all weekend) swim meets scheduled for Hannibal and Bloomington in the next weeks. All of a sudden we have nothing! He's ok with it (for now) and happy to play the iPad and piano with the uncovered fingers he has. Thankful it wasn't any worse!
Molly waiting patiently at the dentist office for me as I unexpectedly had to go back yesterday.
One of I think 7 impressions I took this week of my teeth. All in all about five hours spent at the dentist this week. Root canal and crowns due to me falling last weekend. I accidentally knocked off a temporary crown yesterday and Molly had to come with me. What to do with myself?!? Thank goodness for a fantastic dentist....and it could have been worse.

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