Sunday, February 22, 2015

A HUGE Weekend

First and foremost, a big thank you to Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye for coming up and keeping our crew. Thank You!!

Matt and I drive to Chicago Friday to catch a flight to Kansas City to suprise Renee for her Birthday. 

Airport selfies.

Airplane selfie.
Flying is so interesting to me. Deicing the wings was intriguing!
I felt sorry for the guy in orange down there. He deserves to win the lottery!
What amazes me most is once you get above the clouds, you see this.
Suprise my dear friend!

Late night Guthrie selfie! Love these two!
And just like that, we flew back to Chicago on Saturday. Amazing sky!
Very suprised to see another plane so close! O'Hare is such a busy airport.

And then we suprised Joe for his party!
Matt and Joe.

Joe and Elly.
How lucky we are to have such dear friends in Renee and Joe. So thankful we were able to celebrate their Birthdays with them! 
A crazy fast, fun weekend. :)
I was glad to get home to my crew! 

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