Saturday, February 7, 2015

Mitchell's Field Trip

I was able to chaperone Mitchell's 4th grade trip to the Lincoln Museum on Friday. It was my second time there and even more amazing the second time. Truly one of the best museums to go through.

Mitchell was so excited to have me alone for the field trip. I was pretty proud of him. He had made friends with a little boy that just moved here a few weeks back. All he's done is talk about this boy and was excited for me to meet him. I met him and he was great and his mom was sweet, too. I smiled because Mitch made a good friend with the new kid, but he also made a good judge of character.
The boys in his class.
The whole class.
Tasha kept Molly for a long time so I could go and then kept her longer so I could suprise Mitch and meet his class at Pizza Hut. He was so happy!
It was a fun Friday! 

The girls in the evening watching tv after dress up.

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