Saturday, March 7, 2015


My baby girl Maya, 

How on earth are you 6? Where has the time gone? You are the silliest little girl ever. It's taken me awhile to figure out how you click, but I've decided that you are our comedian and life of the party. You giggle from the moment you get up until bedtime. You giggle most about pestering your siblings! You are crazy smart and can read and do addition. You just LOVE your teacher and adore her. I've had to be careful with you this year not to confuse the school/home boundaries with are amazingly awesome at school! You look forward to the treasure box on Fridays because you know you have earned it for good behavior. Last Friday you picked out a gift for your sick brother to enjoy instead of yourself. You do have a heart of gold, but sometimes you make us work to find it. :)
You just love to swim. I can't wait to see you on swim team this summer, I think you will love it! You really aren't my girly girl and last weekend told the ER people your favorite color was blue. Currently you don't play with toys much, as you love Minecraft. You are very impressive at it, and I regret your brothers introducing it to you! Every once in a while you will still play with your sister as you did tonight (when I took this pic). 
Baby girl, you may be the most strong willed six year old I know, but we've connected and I know what makes you the way you are. You are crazy independent unless you don't want to be and then forget it! I see you growing up a very strong willed person and smart! I predict big things from you!!! 

I love you to the moon and back. You have challenged me and for that I thank you. We have accomplished a lot together. You've taught me that my children are not all the same, but they all do have the same heart. I can't wait for your party on Friday sweet girl. :) 

Love, your Momma 

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