Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Maya's Birthday party (last Friday)

The beginning of the party. 
We had lots of activities planned. The first was crown making for princesses. This was complete with glitter and ribbons. 
The finished products waiting to dry. 
Next we had a decorate each other as Olaf game with toilet paper. 
They loved it! 

Onto bead bracelet making. 

Lining up for Pin the Nose on Olaf. 
Cake time! 

Mason was at a friend's house. Mitch and Trey stayed (on their own) and were a HUGE help! They kept the girls in line! 


Sweet Molly was so excited for her sister's party. She's counting down the days until her next Birthday. 
Waiting patiently for the piñata! 
Pulling the piñata strings. 


The girls wearing their crowns near the end. 

These two shocked is once the girls left and kept the party spirit going. They were so helpful during the party. I'm not sure it would have gone as smooth as it did without them. We thanked them over and over and they were both like, "No big deal!" I think they enjoyed themselves. 

Maya's party #6 was a success! 

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