Sunday, March 29, 2015

Open House at School

Maya and Mitchell had open house at school on Thursday night.  They were both SO excited to show off their work!  Grandma Sally kept Molly so we could just focus on the other 2 (Mason had practice).  She was actually here all week.  It was wonderful and we are all a little lost without her.  :( It was so nice to have her help!!

Kindergarten first...
Maya's chair.  She was so proud!
She likes to eat strawerries and play legos.
There's a sock in my pocket she is blue- from Dr. Seuss week.
I like to play in puddles and see the rainbow!
Mitchell was the MOST excited and couldn't wait to show off his room.

His food chain.
Bones displayed from the owl pellet disection-yuck! He did a great job.
I was so impressed.  The first thing he was to do was take a "selfie" with his family on his chromebook (laptop).  The school uses it for lots of the school work, it's pretty amazing.  The next day he sent us an email thanking us for coming.  Technology is amazing and he's amazing at using it!
His magazine on Jackie Robinson.  He created it and it was awesome!

Mythology poster.
Love our school!

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