Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye's visit

We are anxiously counting down the days until Grandma Kaye's retirement, I think 10 days now! 
They came up to celebrate Maya. Somehow Papa Gary didn't get in any pictures. 

Super cute bike crown from Aunt Michelle! 

I wish I could have bottled this next moment up. Molly sat in complete disbelief/excitement for Maya's gifts. Little did she know, she had a pony too! She was so excited! 
So proud of Twilight Sparkles! 
The boys had gifts too! Mitch and Papa Gary spent hours together working crossword puzzles.... Priceless. :) 

Maya in her new Elsa outfit! We realized that Molly's was quite shabby after seeing the new sparkly one! 

Stickers fun!
Matt and I escaped for a bit in the evening. It was fantastic to have uninterrupted talking. He made sure to have a green beverage before starting his week of nights! 

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