Sunday, March 1, 2015


It was a wacky weekend after the swim meet. Mom and Dad flew in after being diverted to Iowa with the snow. They were here this morning. 
The kids enjoyed plowing the driveway and their car out of the mess. Molly didn't last too long. 
The boys taking  a break. 
And then this happened....I was worried about this part of the cut, but it turns out it was cut all the way up beside her toe and deeper. Freak accident while jumping off the Cozy Coupe in the basement. She immediately blamed Mitch....he wasn't even near her. A good lesson on not jumping in the house and telling the truth. 

Selfie while in the ER. 5 hrs!

9 stitches later! 
It was awful. 
Poor baby. Ready for a new start on the weekend. :( 

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