Wednesday, March 18, 2015


My day off wasn't quite as I expected. Matt was working nights and I was woken up by Mason about midnight with ear pain.  He finally settled down around 2AM once the pain subsided with medicine. Then at 4AM, I was startled by Maya crying-ear pain! 
I ended up taking both to the Dr. and Mason had bilateral ear infections and Maya had "the worst ear he'd seen in a month-on the verge of bursting". Geeesh! We've been to the Dr or sick more this year than the last two years combined! Both are on antibiotics and much better. Maya also had a filling come out of a tooth and had to get that fixed today. Matt had to take her and he told me the hygienist read the note from her previous filling that said, "excellent patient!"  She did great again. 

Here's hoping for a quieter rest of 2015. And yes, we have hit our insurance dedectable! 

Bless this sweet St. Patrick's Day girl who fell asleep in my arms once we were home. 

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