Tuesday, April 28, 2015


I'm not sure why I've been behind on posting. We haven't been near as busy as usual. Last weekend we were supposed to have a baseball tournament, but it was rained out. We have had lots of quiet family time doing nothing. Swim team started back up last week, so the boys are back swimming nearly every day. It's not mandatory that they go, but they love it and always have smiles on the ride home.

Molly loves Roxie.
You can see in the background something new and exciting....gray walls and white trim!!!  It's just beautiful!!!  It's all done by Grandma Sally and countless days of painting. She's been up here lots in the past weeks. It's been wonderful! It's so nice to have the help with the kids. It's been great to give our usual sitter a break and the kids prefer Grandma Sally. The girls just love "Sally's Beauty Shop" after their showers. I never blow dry the girls' hair (no time!) but Grandma Sally makes it beautiful. I overheard Mitch telling someone at a game a few weeks ago that his Mom is A LOT nicer when Grandma Sally is at the house. We all miss her this week!  She's even been here so Matt and I have gone out of the house TOGETHER more than once.  I was so thankful that I had a little time with her last Friday to treat her to a much deserved lunch out and spend some time with her. :)
Girls loving the good weather.

Our babysitter was back last Monday and sent me these from their morning:
The girls are all about wearing tutus...every.single.day!

The boys are teaching Maya baseball.
Mason had his orthodontist appointment today with impressions made. We will find out the plan next month. 

Mitch had TWO huge hits last night in his baseball game! Pretty impressive since he's on Mason's rec team of 11-12 year olds! 

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