Saturday, May 30, 2015

School Projects

May was the month for school projects for the boys.  

Mitch had his plastic reuse project.  He was to take an item and make it into something usable. Presenting the milk jug turned into a purple Freddy! It's purpose? To make you smile.  Mission accomplished. :)
I was proud of his own idea and doing it all on his own. 

Mason had his President Washington project.  Again, I was proud he did it on his own.  He spray painted, cut, and printed.
They had a wax museum to go along with the project.  Parents could come watch.  It was really good!  He looks mad here, but was in costume.

The wax museum.

Mason also had to design and build a rocket for science class.

Mitch had a State Fair project.  I was so proud of all of his information! On the laptop is a slideshow that he made and presented.  It was great!!

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