Friday, June 12, 2015

Maya's Swim Team Debut

We have been waiting for this.  Maya finally joined the summer swim team!  The girl has been a fish since she was 18 months old.
The summer outdoor coach is so awesome.  He's also the swim coach of one of the Springfield High School swim teams.  He has taught the boys so much in one week being with him.  I was so impressed that he guided Maya through the process of the swim meet.
Mitch played with Molly during the meet to keep her busy in between his swims.
She was in the crowd of swimmers  getting ready for her race.
And here she did it!  She  is in the 8 and under group, so she is up against older girls. She jumped in, but I was proud of her even getting on the block!  This is a huge milestone.  We had three swimmers in this meet.  Mason had first in all his events.  Mitch had some second and third place finishes, but he is the youngest in his age group.  Love my swimmers!!!!!

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