Sunday, June 21, 2015

Molly's Dance Recital

A huge day on Saturday.  Molly had her first dance recital.  She has been so excited for this and was thrilled for her outfit.  She loved the makeup and hair too! I have a feeling this is the first of many for this girl, she loves it! 

Preparing for the dress rehearsal..
The best part? Doing it with her best friend, Belle!
Dress rehearsal.  Tasha and I were worried as they didn't do so well.  They made up for it at the actual performance!! 
Pre show
Playing around before the performance.

The program!
Sadly, no good photos from the performance. The bright lights made it bad for pics.
Flowers after the performance!
Two cuties!

Love our dance class with Tasha and Belle!!!!!  Hopefully the first of many!
Tiny dancer  :)
Check out this hair!  They wanted a side French braid, and I did it!
LOVE my tiny dancer!
She is 2nd from right.  No video allowed in the auditorium, but I tried to sneak what I could.  They were awesome!  The best part? Molly's smile the entire time. 

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