Friday, June 12, 2015

Monday and Tuesday

Matt's Dad had a big surgery on Tuesday and so happy to report he's doing well!

Matt left on Monday afternoon to be with his Dad. The boys went to the McDowell's and the girls went to Grandma Sally's house. (Yes, after she had them here all weekend!) 
I missed them dearly, but loved getting these pics on Tuesday. They both had haircuts by Lorissa, who cuts Mom's hair. They loved the cuts! I do too! Maya's is short and wonderful with all her swimming. No tangles! She didn't cut as much off of Molly's, but Molly loved how she made it straight. Poor Molly. All she dreams of is long, straight hair. 
I didn't have the girls and I had promised Mason from the tournament if he did well we would have the team over. I never dreamed they could all come, plus some others! 
Mom sent me this. It made me smile of the girls riding in the convertible! 
Again, from Mom's house. They want to go back! 

They hit all the parks and loved it! 

Check out the haircuts! 
Maya...I mean Molly, ha! Straight hair! Not for long....
Matt headed back and picked up the girls on Wednesday. I missed them so much!!!!  So happy Papa Gary is doing well! :)

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