Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Chuck E Cheese

We concluded Mitchell's Birthday festivities last Wednesday with an evening trip to Chuck E Cheese. I had Mom guilt on Monday (his actual Bday) and asked him what he wanted to do that evening to celebrate. Both boys had a ballgame that evening, so I couldn't make it happen. (We took cupcakes to the game though!) 
It has rained all day Wednesday and I had worked while the kids hung out while Matt (tried) to sleep from working overnight. I was exhausted, but we made it happen. It was a blast! Mitch (being the smarty pants he is) had been online playing Chuck E Cheese games to rack up points... We walked in with 862 tickets. With all they earned that night also, they made out like bandits. He used the tickets to buy he and his sisters cotton candy and suckers. He had a blast! 

It was packed with the rain outside! The kids "dancing" with Chuck E. 
Mason had been with Tommy for 24 hours, so he came with and had a blast! 

Molly isn't scared anymore! 

My precious turkey just being a kid. :)

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