Monday, July 6, 2015

Mitch is 10!

Mitchell opening his first gift tonight before his ballgame. He's asked for this for over a year. A swim team logo jacket! He was pretty suprised and happy! 
He was offered anything he wanted for a dinner choice. It had to be a quick choice between me getting off work and a ballgame. His choice? Head West Subs with a Jones soda. I didn't even know what this was! 
On to the ball game. A win! Team pic after the game. Love that my boys are on this team together. Mitch had a great game! 
The most precious part of the day. They stood Mitchie on the Pitcher's mound and sang him Happy Birthday. These are the same coaches as our Saints team. How wonderful are they? This picture will be embedded in my heart! 
Arriving home for another gift! 
My Mitchie, my double digit boy, how did this happen? I remember the day you were born like yesterday. You came into the world easily and have been easy ever since. 
You are a comedian and love a good laugh and to make people laugh. You can be very quiet, but you are a jokester at the right moments. 
You have four really best friends, but your brother Mason and sister Maya are your best friends. Both at different times and situations, but you are so close to them. 
You just make me smile a lot. You are quirky and get yelled at nearly the most, but you are just an awesome kid. You get in trouble for the silliest of things, but I think sometimes it's just boredom because you are so intelligent! 
You are my baby boy. My Mitchie Moo Moo. I love you! 

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