Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Pool days!

I will backtrack, but I took off yesterday and today was my day off. Thankful for good pool days with friends! 

Raegan (green goggles) and Molly will start kindergarten together in a year. Thankful she's in our neighborhood! Her brother and sister already do swim team with us and love her parents. Thankful for friends to start that journey together in a year with friends. 
Our crew today. 5 Moms, I think 17 kids! A big crew but tons of fun for the HOT day! 
2 of my 4 had swim practice this morning at different times and Mason had an orthodontist appt. A busy morning running around, but a fun afternoon for the kids. 
The only pic I took of a handful of boys, the rest playing ball in the hot front yard. 

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