Saturday, July 18, 2015


Wednesday evening was perfect weather. I was so tired after work. After a quick power nap, we had bike riding, bubbles, and chalk outside. 
Thursday was one of the very few days this month that we put the boys "in charge" while we worked. We explained that for all the fun we give them, they need to do this. Matt is 5 mins away at work if they needed him. The kids had a blast. They are amazingly great without us. Love the sibling time together, Espevially without fights! 
I received this pic of Maya while I was working. She did a great job of picking out her outfit. Another friend was going to pick up the girls, but the boys said No..they had a blast together. 
Swim meet Thurs night. This girl rocked it! It's amazing how much she has improved. The boys were awesome, too. 
Mason had swim practice Fri morning. I gave him the choice of the 7 AM or the 830AM, he chose the early one. I snapped this too late. Roxie had slept all night on his back. She is quite the cuddler! 

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