Monday, July 6, 2015

Six Flags with Sanners (6/30/15)

My computer was stuck on updating this post for days.

We went in our annual Six Flags trip at the end of June with the Sanner family. Love our tradition! 

The Batman ride first for the older boys and Jake's first time! 
Melanie, Molly, and I headed to the little kids' area. 
Molly on the boat by herself! What a differece a year makes. 
Her favorite part of the day that she still talks about. Melanie riding the balloons with her! 
Maya rode this crazy ride! The girl has no fear. 
Maya loved the Joker ride too! Her only restriction was her height or she would have gone on everything! 
The full crew. :)
The annual picnic lunch.
Bugs Bunny!

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