Thursday, August 20, 2015

The day before school started

Molly went to preschool on Monday, but the rest of the crew didn't start until Wednesday. I had hoped for a fun day with the entire crew! Poor Mason, his summer assignments were saved in various places on separate computers, so he spent most of the day getting them prepped. I was proud of him, he had a lot of summer work to finish. He paced himself over the last six weeks, but realized on the last day of break how important it was to have everything "ready". He conquered an old computer dying, a classroom website down, and printer issues to finish it. He was able to meet us for lunch. 

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew enjoyed the park! 
Yes, I let them run through the splash pad in their clothes. It was the last day of summer break! 
My favorite pic!! (Except for my thumb) 
It really was a hold and not a choke hold ;)
Wet kids after running up the hill. 
They found a "gingerbread house!"
Love my Mitchie man! He's so innocent, but yet a big year ahead of him. 
At their choice, Steak n Shake. 

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