Tuesday, August 4, 2015

The Weekend (Part 2)

This post will be in segments. This part was new, exciting, and fun! 

Upon arrival to Great America. We knew it would be busy, we parked in row 51 of 55. A long walk!!
Maya and the boys went on their first coaster and Molly and I found a cool spot! We found water! 
And then we found Bugs Bunny! 
This was a ride she was so scared to do in St. Louis. She wanted it to be her first ride and she conquered it! 
We met up with Maya! This was right after her first upside down roller coaster. She is fearless! A few more inches to grow and she will ride everything! 
Happy coaster riding boys. 
Long lines of waiting. I rode this one with them, the Raging Bull. 
Matt and fearless Maya. 
We found Porky! 
Show with the characters. Note the double stroller. It has been so many places in 10 years! 
Selfie before the upside down roller coaster! 

Molly on the carousel. Very nervous. I stood beside her and she nearly took my neck off when her horse moved up and down!! 
Maya doesn't look happy, but loved her ostrich! 
The next ride of the carousel, Molly was much happier on the bench with Mom. 
The carousel. 

Waiting for the boys. 
The exciting parts were yet to come! 

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