Sunday, September 20, 2015

End of an Era

With the beginning of school I don't think I posted that Mason made the Chatham baseball team. He tried out three years ago and didn't make it. Shortly after that we were connected with Coach Jack and the rest is history. Jack and the rest of the coaches have made Mason the ball player he is.  We didn't want to walk away from a wonderful team (our Saints), but they are made up of Catholic school kids and Mason was the only kid from Chatham. The timing was right for Mason to try out as school baseball is approaching and he needed to play with the kids in his school. We all set ourselves up that he wouldn't make it...and he did. He's the only "new" kid to make it. The rest of the Chatham team has been the same for years. It has been such a bittersweet last few weeks for baseball. We are excited for the opportunity, but so sad to say goodbye to a team we LOVE. These families really are like our family to us. We love the parents and kids. It's been a fun run with the Saints, and yes, I cried today. :( 
We have spent every Sunday from nearly 8:30-2 with this crew the last 6 weeks. We have spent lots of weekends with this crew over the summer. It's equally as hard on Mason as it is on us. We made the best of our last day being a Saint. 

My catcher. 

The girls and Mitch loving the great day and playground close! 

They love the sand playground! 

Mason is the catcher, but just for the finale, he pitched. He was on fire. 

Team meeting after the win. 

My boy in the middle! Sad for all the kids. 

They are happy it's over! 
We had a pizza party with the team for the end. 

A signed ball from the team. I held it together until the very end of the game. Mason went over to hug Jack (coach) and say thanks. That's when the tears started. Jack told us at the pizza party that he held it together until Mason came to him and he teared up too. A very special team we were lucky enough to be a part of. Saying goodbye is so hard when you love something so much! 
And so it goes, looking forward to the spring season with Chatham. Just have to get past the sad feelings first. It just is a real bummer to end with a team you love :( 

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