Tuesday, September 1, 2015


I will start the month current and try to rewind the past week. 

Swim practice has started for Mason and Mitch also. It's starting easy with goal discussion and stroke work. Love swimming back in our lives! 
One of Maya's drawings last week to sum up her day. I can't get much info out of my first grader. She's just happy she found her friend from kindergarten on the playground again, Marwan. I'm guessing maybe she's made friends with someone else?! (He has glasses) 
Hard to believe Maya is in with this crew! For a bit she practices at the same time as Mitch. They walk in hand in hand and he shows her where to go. (She's in stripes) 
Molly and I had about twenty minutes free in our day today and she swam. Bless her heart. She said her ear hurt two weeks ago and I took her in and she had an ear infection. She said it hurt this morning and luckily I was off and took her in again, another ear infection. You would never know it, she's happy, but occasional ear pain. Another antibiotic amd hopefully done. After 3 years her tubes are out that she had in. Hopefully we aren't looking at a winter of ear issues. 
At the bus stop this morning. 

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