Wednesday, October 14, 2015


I haven't posted much about my Mitchie Man. Mark my word, amazing things will come to this boy.
Mitch doesn't get in many pics because he's usually doing something else. Usually Mincraft on computer or kindle...a lot! 
He has a fantastic teacher this year that "gets" him, yet she's tough. We had a bumpy start with homework and on time assignments, but he is on board now! His teacher is great with rewards and motivation. He needed this! End of the quarter is Friday and he's on route for A's. This is big as he didn't start so well! 

I snapped this tonight before swim practice. He sleeps with his door open and is usually exhausted and out by 8:30. He also sets his alarm on his own and is in the shower by 6:10. I have to admit, I pass by his room on my way to bed and before he gets up...I just want to squeeze him! He's just so darn cute! He is such a low maintenance boy. He also LOVES swim team this year. He's really kicking it into gear.
He's precious! Waiting for his race last weekend.
We had an all weekend swim meet last weekend for the boys. It was here, but all afternoon Sat and Sun. Here is a pic of Mason and his buddies huddling waiting to cheer for Mitch!
Getting ready for him to head their way.
The girls at the meet!

Both boys swam excellently and improved their times. Mason made a "state" time which ensures him a place to compete in the big state meet next March. A big accomplishment! 

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