Wednesday, October 14, 2015

My job

I am a Radiation Therapist. It's a big job that not many know about. I treat cancer patients with radiation. I don't get any radiation exposure to do my job. I help people all day long. In my eyes, it's the most rewarding job anyone could have. Can just anyone do it? No.

Do I cure people or help their pain and life expectancy? Yes, Everyday. Do I see patients pass away? Yes, Everyday. Do I make a difference in someone's life? Yes, everyday. 

I have no idea how I landed in this career path, but I've never turned back. I've added a few pics to show what I do... But this isn't what I do, really. I hold hands, hug, and hold puke bowls. I celebrate when patients finish treatments and rejoice even more for clear follow up appointments. I embrace patients, knowing that I might never embrace them again if their time is near. I LOVE MY JOB. Do I make a difference in people's lives? Yes, every hour every day. I've learned so many life lessons from this  career path. I've learned that listening is better than talking. Wow! The stories and background that people can have...and they come to "me" to help them? So many memories. Yes, it's nuts and I hate my job, too. We are too busy. Patients are too young. It's awful.
"Did I do enough today? "
I will always hold that saying in the back of my mind. Yes. I did, and thank you for the person that personified that for me. ;)

That all being said..I went out on a limb and I'm climbing higher! I applied for a higher up position in my department and found out today I got it! I had steep competition. I'm proud. It's full time, but I have a fantastic team and am thrilled for the promotion!!! It will actually be easier on our family. Can't wait! 

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