Friday, November 27, 2015


Molly and I had the best Tuesday. We met Gramdma Sally for shopping and lunch in St.Louis. :) 
That's my new ride parked outside IKEA. Matt had been watching it online for awhile and the price dropped last Friday. He picked it up on Saturday. I love it so much! My favorite car ever! I get excited to drive it anywhere. :) 
It's a mix of the old silver van I loved, the town and country van we had, the civic I had 15 years ago, and the Honda Pilot we have now. I LOVE it! The kids do too! We sadly said good bye to the 'Ole Vibe with lots of memories. 
Bless her heart. Never one service issue and four replaced side mirrors from Matt and I hitting the garage. I only wish we had an inside pic of all the stickers the kids accumulated and stuck on the Windows from visits to the doctor. 

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