Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Dec 1

I was very poor on my blog last month. It's a new month and I vow to keep up. We really weren't that crazy last month. There were quite a few changes at my work.  The transition was a little rough leaving the old in November. Not so much for the new position, but leaving the old job slightly short handed. That's my only real excuse! I've actually been on my new job about 10 days now and it's great. :) 

I will recap a bit and then start new tomorrow. 

Thanksgiving was Weird. Strange. Lonely! Matt and I both worked a bit of it and broke away to go to lunch with the crew. We tried to keep the meaning important and family time. Next year- no working!!!

Mason did make a new tradition Wednesday night by baking a pecan and pumpkin pie. He did it all himself. Pretty impressive and yummy! 

Superheroes Thanksgiving morning while watching the parade. 

Our thanksgiving feast. We did have the usual turkey, dressing, etc...the only difference was just us and cotton candy dessert! Memories...

The kids and I then got the Christmas out. Or at least started it! I finished most while they spent the night Saturday at Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye's. At least they got to spend some time with family. 

Earlier in November, Mitch fell while playing at a swim meet in Champaign. Five stitches later and new glasses. He's better than new! 
Maya also had her Veteran's Day program. I LOVE it. Something special about tiny voices singing for our Veterans. 

More to come! 

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