Thursday, December 17, 2015


It's pretty As much as I'd like to recap our week, I need to capture this moment for my girl. 

Molly right before her Christmas program tonight at CTK. I cannot express how amazing it was! It was perfect for the season. Video later. 
This is my dress that I wore when I was near her age. I'm guessing it's about 34 years old. Maya wore the same dress a few years back for her program. Pretty special to share my dress with my girls after all these years. 
And bedtime tonight. They celebrated her birthday today at preschool as tomorrow is their Christmas party. She wore this "Molly is 5!" To bed tonight. 
Sent from her teacher today. 
My Molly, 
My sweet, fun, stylish, My Little Pony loving Molly. 
You are so much fun! You are spunky and unique. You know how to match outfits and accessories better than me. You love your sister. We have literally counted down this Birthday for 364 days. You have enjoyed every else in your family having Birthdays this year, but the excitement you have for tomorrow is priceless. You have grown in leaps and bounds this year. You enjoyed your first dance recital, which was perfect in every way. You have settled nicely into preschool every day as I'm working. I think you enjoy the structure of every day. You begged the first few days of going every day to "stay home with Momma!". You are very lucky to have an amazing preschool teacher that had made your transition easy. You are learning more and more each day! Your speech had improved and continues to improve. You love My Little Pony and play dough the best. You also love to color and draw. You are stuck with being the littlest. That means lots of events and car rides for you. You have learned to take them in stride, as long as we take the iPad. :) 
You love the tickle monster in the morning and with my new job, I'm thankful to tickle you silly every morning. You have made great friends, and it was evident at your party last Sunday. Just this morning at drop off, I heard a friend yell, "Molly!!!!" in her excitement to see you. Your curly hair makes you fun, even though you hate for me to wet it every morning to spruce up your curls. We've already decided that you are going to be our socialite, I want to do everything kind of girl. I'm excited for your Birthday for you, my Molly. We've waited a long time for this day. ;) 
Love, your Momma

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