Wednesday, January 20, 2016

New couch

I have a ridiculous amount to catch up on! 

Mom came up last Thursday night and Matt and I made a flying trip to pick up a couch. Not just any couch, a couch we found and loved for the size. It's a sectional that we can all fit on, but it's tiny for our small living room. It may sound strange, but it came from Ikea and would fit in the back of the van without kids, so we had to make the quick trip while Mom had the crew. (She had the girls for the next few days during a marathon swim meet, too...more to come) 

Matt put it together in record time and we love it! 

He looked at me crazily when the boxes were wheeled out, wondering if it would fit. I rode home a little cramped from the seat pushed up, but it was worth it! 

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