Sunday, February 21, 2016


So in 7 years, this has been my worst month for posting.  I really don't know why.  I guess we are in a routine.  It's a busy routine, but we are doing it.  I just haven't felt like posting much.  I've settled in my job 5 days a week and maybe that is why.  I do love it, but factor in our evening stuff and Matt's schedule...I guess we stay hopping. 
I can report the kids are happy.  All are growing like weeds and eating like little monsters. :)  That is good! Mason had a virus last week with a fever that kept him literally in bed for 48 hours.  Maya woke up Saturday with an earache.  A quick trip to the doctor and on antibiotics for an ear infection.  Other that that, we have avoided most sick bugs! 
School is going well for all.  Mitch seems to be on the go a lot with friends and Mason has opted for more at home time.  Baseball practice has started.  Matt is Mr. Mom to the extreme.  He is always there after school for homework and gets them to their practices.  I usually join in the tag team around 5:30.  For the most part, he does it all though as I'm at work.  We have had bumps, but all in all life is great! 
Mason had his dream concert, his Christmas gift of AC/DC tickets on Saturday night.  I will post more tomorrow, but for tonight, the reason he LOVES them.  :)

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