Wednesday, March 2, 2016

March 2

In my quest to stay current: 

A sweet pic sent from Molly's preschool teacher yesterday. It was her Birthday. Molly is on bottom left. Mason also got his bottom braces on. 
How I found the boys this morning with Roxie in between. 
The boys sleep together more often than not and Roxie is between them if they do. 
Today in a nutshell: 
5:45- Matt to wk
6:15- I'm ready for wk, get crew up
7:00- leave for the busses
7:10-first bus
7:14-last bus and onto CTK w/Molly
7:25-drop Molly at CTK
7:40-arrive at work
2:30- Matt off, picks Molly up at CTK for hearing check (she failed the school's check, so on for more tests, no worries, though) 
3:20- Maya picked up from bus by a friend 
3:30- boys walk hm from bus
4:45- Matt home from Dr appt, drive girls to dance
5:00-I'm off, meet crew at dance (arrive 5:20) to tag team Matt and pickup Mason for baseball practice. 
5:30- I'm off to baseball and Matt onto take Mitch for 6:00 swim practice. 
6:00-I arrive for girls' 6:15 pickup and catch my breath. 
6:05- Matt called out for work. Back in time for 7:00 Mitch pickup. 
6:30- I'm hm for 15 min and then onto pickup Mason from baseball and take to swim practice. 
7:40- Whew! We are home. 
8:30-Matt pickup Mason

A typical Burgin tag team kind of day! 
No wonder I'm tired. ;) 

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