Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Maya Jane

I suprised Maya for lunch. Sadly it was a near 40 minute commute each way, but so worth it. 

Maya and Pyper. Love watching them. They are so sweet in their giggles and love each other. 
Momma in her scrubs selfie with my new 7 year old. 
Cake and presents tonight. 

The girl loves to color and draw, my little artist! 
A doll she picked out. A gift her sister picked up for her. So happy! 
Nice to see smiles! 
Miss Maya Jane, 

What a difference a year makes. You are still fiercely independent! You are so sleepy in the morning, but who isn't at 6:20? Our newest game to get you out of bed is I tickle you and then I take your schlaw downstairs (as I finish breakfast for your siblings). Your reward of coming down on your own is for me to rock you with schlaw (and your thumb!) we have talked about your thumb sucking with schlaw and you told me you won't stop until you are 30. Your newest thing is to make your own lunch. You always take your lunch! In the fall, you had a stomach bug after eating at school and now won't at all. Your breakfast is fruit loops with milk. Lunch is a yogurt, apples, oranges, pudding, and water. 
You are very responsible with school. You have homework most days and are very diligent on making sure it's done and ready. By the time we leave around 7, you are usually golden. It's the waking up part that is hard and you want nothing to do with anyone (I say repeatedly, don't look at her, don't talk to her to your siblings!) 
Sadly, I'm not home for after school, but I think you are a wild card! Sometimes it's great and sometimes not. It's not all you, I promise! I think sometimes your brothers come home a little grouchy and you follow. I think you love the 5 minutes you have alone with your Daddy before the boys roll in. 
You are a swimmer! Swim team just wrapped up, but WOW. You chose to do 3 or 4 practices a week. You have come so far, so fast. It's been fun to watch you and you love the practices. You think it's big stuff to be on the team with your brothers- and it is! Although sometimes you practiced at different times and I was proud of you for doing it alone. 
You also love dance and tumbling class on Wednesdays. Luckily it didn't conflict with swim. You are so excited to dance and I'm pretty proud of your cartwheel, too!!

Sis, you are learning and we are growing together. It's not easy. You aren't easy when I want you to be easy! You are fine with school, swim, and dance. It's the in between where we struggle. You are stuck in the middle of a brother that wants to play Minecraft with you and a sister that wants to play My Little Pony with you. You do have a new love since before Christmas of dolls. You hear chatter at school of American Girl dolls, but you just really like any dolls. On your first night at a 7 year old, you have three dolls with you. You like to change their clothes and Mother them. 

You would go to sleep at 7 if you could and would sleep like a rock. You are a sleeper! You have a genuine heart. You are so darn shy, but we are working on it. Sadly sometimes I think we get wrapped up in your brothers' activities and your sister being little and you don't know where you land. We are working on it. The newest thing if you are disrespectful is we just send you to your room. It lets us both cool off. I realize now that you are drawing at that time, but if that helps, I'm all for it! 
You also love to read and are doing it so well! I love when you read to your sister, your biggest fan. :) 

Maya Jane, we are getting there. We are figuring more out about each other all the time. I think you are starting to realize the bond we have and I love rocking you and looking in your eyes! We still have our struggles, but they are fewer between. You are loved by all of us, even though we all have our times with you. Keep changing for the better, Baby Girl. I'm your biggest fan. 

Love, Your Momma

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