Monday, April 25, 2016

Last Sunday

Dear friend Sheila was here with her Chloe (and another friend named Chloe) for a cheer competition. I took the girls. Loved cheering the Chloe's for their cheer/dance! Brought back memories of 7th grade! 
Love Sheila! Caught up like it was yesterday...
The girls cheering. 
After their performance. It was so great!!! Brought me to tears! 
Onto day 2 of the ball field....

Sheila and the Chloe's were sweet enough to watch. These boys had three games Sunday and won the tourney!!!

It was so bittersweet. We played our team we sadly left last year, the Saints, for the Championship. These boys are so good together! Mason was so proud to bring home a trophy. 
After the games. 2 Chloe's and Molly. The girls loved these girls! 
Maya worked on a craft project for her birthday Sunday night. She and Molly love crafts!

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