Sunday, April 3, 2016


I hoped to get all pictures on this weekend. That didn't happen. For now, a summary of mid March to now-

Weekend of March 18th was spent near Chicago for the State YMCA Swim meet that both boys qualified for. It was a long weekend, but both dos well! We arrived home around 11PM that Sunday night. 
The next Monday the kids had well checks and Maya was not well....influenza b. Mitch went down next. Both missed school the next couple days. 
A nice moment later that week of the 4 chilling. 
The Saturday of Easter weekend. Egg hunt at Papa Gary and Grandma Kaye's! 
Sunday morning egg hunt at Papa Dan and Grandma Sally's! 
We left from there to the beach! 




(Driving home stopped in Metropolis)
We arrived home around 9 Friday night in shorts and Mason had to be at the field at 7:15AM with the temps in the 30's and brutal winds. He did great! 

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